House Rules

Welcome to the VERONA SWEET ROOMS, thank you for choosing us.

For the common good we ask you to please read carefully and respect these Rules because they are an integral part of the rental contract:

  1. The rooms are located in a very quiet historic residential building, so shouting, loud music and other annoying noises are never allowed, and especially during the hours of silence: from 10.00 pm to 8.00 am and from 12.30 am to 3.30 pm.
  1. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the rooms and in every area of the apartment. It is possible to smoke only outside in the open, making sure to throw the cigarette butts in the special ashtray near the external entrance steps. The entrance glass door must always be kept closed to prevent smoke from spreading inside the building.
  1. In the room there is a black binder with instructions, information and other useful news to make your stay more comfortable.
  1. Pets of any kind and/or size are not allowed.
  1. All entrance doors must always be closed. We decline all responsibility. We decline all responsibility.
  1. It is forbidden to leave personal items outside the rooms and/or in the common areas.
    We decline all responsibility.
  1. Please keep everything clean and tidy. Garbage is thrown in the bins.
  1. When leaving the room, please turn off all the lights and the air conditioning.
  1. In the event of damage caused to the structure or furniture, the amount will be charged as compensation as well as a report to the police authorities in the event of theft of objects and/or malicious damage.
  1. 10. CHECK IN is from 3.00 pm to 10.00 pm. After 10.00 pm there is only SELF CHECK IN and assistance is no longer guaranteed. Therefore, to have support in case of need, it is mandatory to immediately notify via WhatsApp at the Verona Sweet Rooms number +39 376 1850732 in case of expected late arrival and/or after 10.00 pm.
    Otherwise we decline all responsibility and no refund will be made for any non-use of the room or other inefficiencies. CHECK OUT is scheduled for 11.00 am.
  1. In case of problems, malfunctions and/or breakages, or other needs, immediately notify the Management: +39 376 1850732
  1. Verona Sweet Rooms is a tourist rental duly registered in the Veneto Region and in compliance with current Italian legislation, unfortunately, neither specific personal services nor the provision of food can be offered.

Thanks for collaboration.

The VSR Management

Verona Sweet Rooms

Verona Sweet Rooms

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